Friday, July 9, 2010

Adopt a Shelter Pet/Dog/Cat License Plate Frames

Did you adopt or rescue a shelter dog or shelter cat and want to show your love for your pet while promoting pet adoption in general? Buy "Adopt a Shelter Dog" license plate frames and "Adopt a Shelter Cat" license plate frames! Just scroll down the page; they are located after the dog breeds and types of cats, respectively.

Adopt a Shelter Cat license plate frame Adopt a Shelter Dog license plate frame

If you adopted your pet from Frederick County Animal Control, you will also like these specific "I Adopted My Dog from Frederick County Animal Control" license plate frames as well as "I Adopted My Cat from Frederick County Animal Control" license plate frames!

Although Frederick County Animal Control we refer to is in Maryland, there are plenty of other counties of the same name in other states. No one will know the difference! If you want your shelter's name on one, just send us an e-mail!

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