Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adopt a Black/Tan Husky Mix

With a long, heavy chain trailing behind him, Smokey the Husky was picked up by animal control in southern Virginia. In spite of what was likely an outdoor life on a chain, gentle Smokey just ADORES people and loves to stay close to those who care for him. He is very affectionate and smart, loves going on walks and being outside, and absolutely loves to sit close to his human. He does well with many dogs, but probably should not be in a home with cats because of his breed. This gorgeous boy weighs 60 lbs and is 2 yrs old, and desperately needs a loving home.

He has interacted with young children and welcomes the attention. He does not jump up on people. He enjoys both being outside and watching out the window. He is calm, friendly, gentle and playful.

He is available for adoption via PetConnect Rescue. Contact Mike at 240-449-9745 for more information. Fill out an adoption application.

I will update the blog entry once he's been adopted.

Smokey was featured in a news story about ticks (although he did not have one) while at the vet in June.
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas, TX: Beautiful Black Lab At County Shelter W/Large Chain Still Around His Neck - Rescue

From Dogs Deserve Better:


Henry has a foster but we still need funds for vetting. I had to take him to the emergency vet Sunday early early morning. I couldn't tell if he had kennel cough, pneumonia or had something lodged in his throat. We had a scary few hours, and now we have a very expensive vet bill. They tested him for kennel cough, but they couldn't determine whether it was that or pneumonia. Unfortunately, for his transport and for my other dogs, I am hoping it is not kennel cough since that is so contagious. But, pneumonia is not easy on him. Thankfully, he did not have anything lodged in his throat. His vet bill was $450.00. He is one antibiotics and cough suppressant, and will likely need a follow up exam this week before he is transported. I'm praying like crazy that he continues to improve so he can transport Saturday. Right now, I'd say (and the vet agrees) that's highly likely so I'm hopeful, but we need donations for sure.

Henry Is Also Ready For His Forever Home — he's such a good boy! He came around quickly to my husband and two of our friends. He wags his tail and just wants nothing more than to lay by you. He is crate trained, potty trained and is doing very well learning "off" and to walk on a leash. He whines a little bit when you first put him in the crate then happily settles in. Often, especially his first couple of days or when there are new guests, he chooses to lay in his open crate. He likes his toys, sleeps with one of his stuffed ones, and is eating/drinking well. He's curious, but very skittish. When he's scared, he growls and backs away, but does well quickly if a person with confidence and a reassuring voice comes along. As I type this, he is resting on my living room floor with his toy wrapped up underneath him. He is food protective around other dogs, but is by no means food aggressive. He allows me to take his toys, his food, his treats, anything away, without so much as a look. He rides in the car beautifully. I just adore him.

Melissa will be visiting the dog today and will post updated information. For now, this is all we have: ID#A149377 Unaltered male, black Labrador Retriever mix. Age unknown.

Adopt a Black and Rust Chow Mix!

Charlie is the sweetest dog and a volunteer and staff favorite at the shelter! A black and rust-colored chow chow mix, he looks like a little lion or teddy bear. He has a big heart and loves to give kisses! Even if you do not live in the area, you can adopt him.

Charlie is a fluffy fellow — very soft indeed! He has such an expressive face too! He is a smart boy — he managed to make it here in one piece as a stray. He has a handsome black-with-rust-colored coat, and he weighs in at 71 compact pounds.

Charlie is a wonderful adult dog: he is calm and cheerful. His tail is shorter (perhaps it was docked?), but he wags it vigorously when he meets a friend. He is very alert and is a terrific boy.

His fee is only $72.50, which includes neutering/spaying, vaccinations, microchip/registration, vet health exam, rabies voucher, and county license.

Warning: if you visit him, you'll fall in love!
Frederick County Animal Control, 301-600-1546
1832 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21702