Saturday, March 26, 2011

Save a Life. Adopt a Shelter Pet

Show Support of Shelter Pet Adoption/Rescue With This Merchandise

Unique Design for Adopters of Shelter Animals

Make a statement and show your support for shelter pet adoption and animal rescue with this assortment of stylish, creative merchandise featuring a red heart that says "Save a Life-Adopt a Shelter Pet." Let others know they can save a life by adopting or rescuing a homeless pet. They make special one-of-a-kind gifts for adopters of dogs, cats and other pets! Choose from a variety of unique products, including keepsakes, collectibles, iPad and iPhone accessories, clothing, tote bags, drinkware, home and office items, and just plain cute stuff! Proceeds are donated to support shelter animals.

Customize or Personalize the Design!

Like the design but not the background color or just wish the text was in a different font? Want to make the gift personalized with a name? Easily customize the design to your liking by clicking the "Customize It" button on any product page. Change the background color or text color or font, move the images or text—anything! Show your own creativity if you desire.
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