Saturday, June 1, 2013

Special Call For Funds: $3,000 Fundraising Drive to Secure Housing for 3 City Dogs Rescue Dogs!

City Dogs Rescue has received a generous proposal from a local trainer that would allow them, on an ongoing basis, to house 3 dogs needing behavioral rehabilitation at a housing unit (see photo) to be operated by this local trainer. This will help City Dogs Rescue tremendously and allow them to save more lives by giving them space to house dogs who need specialized one-on-one training to prepare for a foster or forever home. This is an exciting opportunity and a true game changer in terms of their ability to help dogs in need! They need to raise $3000 to complete an insulated building to house the dogs in training. If all of their supporters could give just a few dollars, they would reach this fundraising goal quickly! Please consider donating towards this project that would truly revolutionize their capacity to rescue more dogs!

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