Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fosters/Adopters Needed to Save Shelter Dogs on Death Row in North Carolina

You do not need to be local to save these lives!

Vance County, Henderson, North Carolina Shelter Dogs

Vance Shelter animals need help more now than ever to be saved from death in the gas chamber! The shelter is beyond critical capacity, many will be GASSED or KILLED via HEART STICK if not rescued by this weekend.

FREE TRANSPORT FROM NC TO NJ this weekend to rescue groups and adopters saving Vance animals offered by volunteers of RUIN CREEK ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY of Henderson

PLEASE contact VanceShelterResq@aol.com and/or rcapsrescue@yahoo.com to offer safety of rescue for the Vance death row animals. PLEASE HELP US FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES and SAVE THEM FROM THE GAS CHAMBER!!!

PLEASE SAVE OTHERS ALSO ON DEATH ROW AT VANCE CO SHELTER, pics and descriptions can be seen here.

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson, NC saving animals from the Vance County Animal Shelter

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