Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rescue a Black and White Lab Mix—FREE TRANSPORT!

MARSHMALLOW had a family....they said they would come for him at the shelter. He waited and waited near the front of his kennel, anxiously hoping for a glimpse of his family. Days passed...his hopes dashed...his family didn't show.  Heartbroken, now Marshmallow faces death in a gas chamber. His only chance is finding a rescue to save his life. Marshmallow is a 1-2 year old male Lab mix, HW negative. He LOVES people and does well with other dogs. He didn't deserve to be abandoned, especially at a gassing shelter where he will die a gruesome death.

PLEASE SAVE MARSHMALLOW!  $50 sponsorship to approved rescue! FREE TRANSPORT is available this weekend along I-95 from NC to NJ.  He is currently located at Vance County Animal Control in Henderson, NC.

CONTACT:  to save Marshmallow!

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